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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 9 Results

We had some pretty big storms in our area yesterday.  In fact, over 20,000 people were still out of power this morning.  My girls got a free day from school today due to no electricity.  However afternoon track continued, and the lights came back on in time for a five hour play rehearsal this evening.
The major winds did a number around our place.  The canopies were ripped off the play set.  The garbage house lost a wall. The winds carried that full big red can from our house, down the street, and into a neighbors yard.   Leaving garbage all along the way.
Our play set canopies flew everywhere, and one flew over 2 acres away.
Our poor roof received the worst of it, and I don't even want to talk about the shocking repair estimate.  But we are all fine, and that is the most important part!


Fasting Blood Sugar for 3/29/11 through 4/4/11

Morning Blood Pressure for 3/2911 through 4/411

Dreaded Scale Numbers for 3/30/11  through 4/5/11
-1 1/2
-1 1/2
So that is minus 4 1/2 pounds this week.  I think one reason I lost a little more, and my blood sugar numbers were lower, was that I tried low carb clean eating.  With my insulin resistance issues I may need to experiment with this more.  My calories were also lower, which backfired on me by Monday's workout.  I just had no energy, so I did add back in more calories and a few more healthy carbs.

Exercise for 3/29/11 through 4/4/11
No time on Tuesday; it was a crazy busy day.
Upper body workout and 3.1 miles at 46 minutes on the elliptical.
3.1 miles at 46 minutes on the elliptical.  Just too cold outside to walk.
Lower body workout and 3.1 miles at 46 minutes on the elliptical.
Upper body workout and 2.5 miles at 41 minutes on the elliptical.  Just too tired/low calories?
Sunday rested.
Lower body workout and 2.6 miles at 41 minutes on the elliptical.  Too tired again/adding more calories.

Overall it was a good week, but I learned a lesson (I hope) about not eating enough to work out.  It is hard to know how to balance it all sometimes.  The wonderful weatherman also promises warmer,actually way warmer, weather starting tomorrow.  82 degrees by Friday!!  I am looking forward to walking outside some, and feeling the sunshine on my face.  I enjoyed a slightly chilly track meet for my daughter this afternoon.

There they are above warming up and walking toward the starting line.  Below is my daughter the runner.  She did not get that gene from her mama!  Go Anna!!!