Everything's Bouquet

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dissecting the Danger Zone

Me as Aunt Bee from Mayberry Street R.F.D.

I deserve it.  That was what began my downfall this last holiday weekend.  I deserve what? I deserve to start filling my body with sugar and junk.  I deserve to eat till I feel sick and my head is spinning?  I deserve to gain back a few of those pounds that took hard work and diligence to get rid of? I deserve to get bumps on my tongue and a sore throat because I cannot put down the chocolate?  I deserve to go to bed defeated and sad? I deserve to eat because it is my right, even though I am not hungry, and realize the food doesn't even taste that good? I deserve to think about the food around me instead of the people I love.  I deserve to abandon the way I know that is better and good because it is a holiday?  A holiday celebrating sacrifice, obedience, and victory at that!  Oh the irony of my thinking.  

I know a better way now.  After my weekend of indulgence my husband even said that all the unhealthy food did not even taste that good, and he likes our healthier eating better.  He is so right.  My husband, children, parents, friends, and Lord deserve me living the best life I can live.  That living includes eating the healthiest I can eat all the time.  I hope I learned a very big lesson this weekend.  I just cannot handle a break.  I really cannot handle sugar.  It brings out the sugar monster in me; making it very hard for me to stop eating sweets.  I hope some day I will be able to handle a little sugar, but I cannot right now.  

In the middle of my danger zone yesterday I kept announcing that tomorrow I would jump back into my healthy eating.  I think I was reminding myself, as I stuffed another chocolate into my mouth, and telling my husband in case I was scaring him to death.  He said that yesterday wasn't scaring him, it was Monday that he was not looking forward to.  He was again so right, and he knows me too well.  MONDAY= DETOXING FROM SUGAR WEEKEND DAY.  So I should have added to my "I Deserve List", I deserve to suffer in agony with headaches and mental stress while detoxing from sugar junk.  I deserve to panic and cry over the number on the scale on Monday morning.  I deserve to huff and puff as I try to walk up the hill.  

Sugar and junk food is overrated.  Living in a body that feels good and moves well is fantastic.  Fitting into clothes that hang nicely and look good is exciting.  Resting at night after a victorious day filled to the brim with fulfilling accomplishments is rewarding.  Walking by the mirror and stealing a glance instead of ignoring my reflection is priceless.  Catching my husband looking at my shrinking behind as I exit the room makes me feel like I'm 22 again and that....well that's way more fun than chocolate pie!

So think of me today as I get back on track.  If you hear someone screaming it's me stepping on the scale. I have a feeling my Tuesday Results are not going to be pretty.  Oh and that Aunt Bee picture above??? Well let's just say I didn't see any small girls dressed like that last October.  Come to think of it I don't think I saw anybody but ME dressed like that back in 1970.