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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 11 Results

Spring is here and my azaleas are bursting just in time for Easter.  I thought these veggies below looked springish too.  They are so yummy and healthy, just roasted in the oven with some olive oil and sea salt.  My children actually ask for them. We had them with grilled chicken when the grandparents were here.


Fasting Blood Sugar for 4/12/11 through 4/18/11
74 At this point I am starting to wonder if my machine is broken.
88  Was it the apple at dinner time? Well my machine is working just fine!

Morning Blood Pressure for 4/12/11 through 4/18/11
104/65 Less than six hours of sleep.

Dreaded Scale Numbers for 4/13/11 through 4/19/11
So minus 4 pounds this week bringing my total loss to 38 pounds.  I did have a bigger jump this morning on the scale because I fasted on Monday for some blood tests I was having done this morning.  I hope the scale does not go back up.  It might.  I hate it when that happens.  I am trying to eat lightly today to keep it where it is.

Exercise for 4/12/11 through 4/18/11
Upper body workout and  2.1 miles on the elliptical at 30.54 minutes
CLEANED (for company coming)..does that count? :)
Lower body workout and 3.0 miles at 46 minutes on the elliptical.
3.0 miles on the elliptical..forgot to write time down (probably 46 minutes)
Saturday was a crazy day so a big no on the exercise.
Sunday rest day.
Upper body workout and 3.5 miles at 46 minutes on the elliptical.

Monday, after my two days off, I was ready to hit the elliptical and it was my best time yet.  I tried the interval training where I did several normal minutes interspersed with a minute or two of going super fast.  It was a really great workout.  Unfortunately todays workout was a lot slower due to my lack of calories yesterday.

My collage girl is coming home this weekend.  I am looking forward to a nice Easter with my family. I am off to watch a track meet!