Everything's Bouquet

Friday, April 22, 2011


My weights and my ipod speaker pretty much live on my bathroom counter these days.  I am trying to use some will power and not pick up my eight or ten pound weights (not pictured) yet.  My plan is to stay with the lower weights at more repetitions for a while to avoid injury. I have disk issues in my neck, and every time I get over aggressive with the weight lifting my disks do not like it.

What do you use for journaling?  I would love some input.  I have tried several different journals in all price ranges.  Above are the Body for Life and Weight Watcher journals I used in the past.  I liked both of them, but ended up not completely finishing either because the magic is definitely not in type of journal.  I used to search for the perfect book or journal to compel me to succeed.  This time I seem to be progressing without any super journal.

This time I am using a simple notebook that probably cost ten cents at the back to school sales. No profound  record taking really, but I do write down my health stats every morning and add my exercise later.  The sticky notes are me being to lazy to transfer the exercise data yet.  It actually has several years of failed attempts at dieting in it, which means it is about to run out.  So this made me realize I need a plan.  I may just stick with what is working and pull out another ten cent notebook.  The nice thing about the notebook is there is an endless amount of space.  If I decide to add more information or thoughts I can.  I am toying with the idea of pulling out a lesson plan book.

The teacher in me loves my lesson plan book.  This is also a cheap option at only three dollars and forty nine cents.  It has lots of nice little planning boxes and headings.  I am still trying to wrap my mind around how to work it out since it is really made for five days instead of seven.  I think it might work though, and I think I may add in journaling my food daily.

I don't know; I keep going back and forth on this idea or just keeping it simple with the notebook that is already working.  I would love to hear what you all are using!

On another note I am struggling this week.  I am trying to figure out why.  Today I woke up just tired of this process and wanting to do what I want to do: translated anything but exercising and eating healthy.  I am trying to push through it.  While analyzing it I did have one light bulb moment: I am nearing the end of three months on this try at healthy living.  SCARY.  Scary because over the last six years, three months is about my longest limit before I start wilting and going back to my old ways.  NOT THIS TIME, NOT THIS TIME, NOT THIS TIME.  Maybe if I add some heel clicking to that it will work.  I so don't want to give up,  loose all my progress, gain all the weight back, and be miserable.  I need to push through this and keep going.  Just two and a half more pounds and I will be half way.  That is encouraging and overwhelming.  I am praying that I get a second wind and keep on keeping on.  Just do it me; just do it!