Everything's Bouquet

Monday, April 11, 2011


Oh I had the best weekend, which was affirmed by my husband renaming me LAZY MAZY.  I personally think Mazy is sorta cute.  Come to think of it, I was nicknamed bird legs in high school.  Anyway, I drove six gloriously quiet hours, with only the sound of This American Life podcasts entertaining my mind, to spend some quality time with this pretty girlie.
We started Friday afternoon out with a fun dinner at the Tomato Head.  It was a warm spring evening and there was lots of people, dogs, children, and live music happening at the Market Square.  A great place to visit if you are ever in Knoxville, TN.  I loved the Tomato Head.  Lots of healthy options.  I got a cup of black beans with brown rice, and the Tuscan Chicken without the bread.  Basically free farmed chicken, monterey jack, pesto, and sun dried tomato.  It was really good, and would have been better if my stomach had not been killing me.  KILLING ME.  I know who eats when their stomach hurts?  It was the weirdest thing though, it didn't feel sick, but it literally hurt.  So I thought maybe a little food would help since I had only had 1/4 cup of almonds, carrots, and water during the car ride.
There's the carrots, bags of measured almonds, and lemon water I packed.
The delicious Tomato Head dinner.  I am going to buy some pesto and sun dried tomatoes!

My daughter had a rehearsal Friday evening.  I had planned to check out the exercise equipment at the motel, but due to the stomach pains I checked out the bed and cable instead.  I was seriously worried the weekend was ruined, but I woke up Saturday morning one hundred percent better and headed downstairs to work out while sleeping beauty slept.
We headed to our brunch.  It was really lovely and a lot of fun.  Below are a few snapshots of our mother daughter brunch.  The complex was so pretty, and I tried to get a few pictures afterward.

I was so excited to wear my new size 12 gray pants, but really I still do not look very good in pictures.  I still have a long ways to go.  After the brunch we changed clothes, packed up some of her winter items for me to transport home, and ate an early dinner at Moe's.  We both got chicken, rice, beans etc. in a bowl.  I was good and skipped the chips and salsa.
Obviously my stomach was feeling better!  After this we headed to the evening avent; the 99th year of Carnicus.  A competition with skits and music.  It was good and long.  I thought I would be smart and turn off my flash, but to my sorrow it made none of the pictures of my dancing girl turn out.  They were all blurry.  I did however get a shot of the program.  Woohoo.

We ended our weekend together in worship Sunday morning at her awesome church, and lunch at her fav place: O'Charleys.  I forgot to take a picture of my meal, so I snapped the photo off the display.  It was really good, and those luscious buttery rolls did not touch my lips.

I loaded up my car with her boxes, drove home with my podcasts playing, and gave out lots of hugs and kisses after my gps told me I had arrived at my destination.  All in all it was a fantastic weekend, the scale rewarded me with a half a pound loss this morning, and I am becoming attached to Mazy...it has a nice ring.