Everything's Bouquet

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter in Pictures and Song

Above was our Saturday EXTRAVEGANZA at our church. Over 55,000 eggs literally!

Above are the Easter morning table treats.  Translated Mama didn't feel like dragging down baskets this year and cleaning up purple, pink and yellow grass until Christmas.  I think he doesn't look like he is missing the grass/basket combo to much!

Above is lunch.  The lamb Grandma brought was delicious, and yes I had all three of those desserts at some point today.  My morning blood sugar numbers are gonna be scary...stay tuned!  If I was getting a little too confident, this holiday smacked me right back down.

Family pictures above.  Grandparents and all my children except my oldest.  He was working and we missed him. My girlie in red went back to college to finish out her last two weeks after our festivities.

                    A little after dinner Blurt.

We finished out the day with some egg dying.  It was a wonderful Easter full of blessings.  I leave you with one of my favorite songs sung by Mandisa.  It is perfect for this special day. May God bless you!