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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 10 Results

This is lunch today.  I love Costco's frozen salmon burgers.  Really yummy, lots of protein, and they grill quickly straight from the bag.  I also love these tasty little muffin bites that my hubby brought home from Costco.  At 130 calories a muffin,  and 7 grams of sugar I can't eat more than one a day (if that). They taste like dessert (I love anything with oats. I cannot even think about keeping granola in the house.), and that makes them dangerous.  Since I have been fantasizing about sitting on the couch with the whole box in my lap, I will probably ban these from the house in the future.
While I am on a Costco roll, I also really like this brown rice and quinoa mixture.  It cooks in 90 seconds in the microwave.  It is also high in carbs, so I don't eat it often.  However, since my soul mate is 6'3" he needs more calories/carbs than me, and it is easy to whip up for him.
I actually bought some brown rice and red quinoa to see if I can replicate it myself.  Speaking of replicating, tonights dinner was a copycat of that delicious dish I had at The Tomato Head.  It turned out really good.
This week is going to be crazy busy.  I am going to have to hang up my Mazy hat and put on my Martha one.  My parents arrive tomorrow and leave Saturday.  Before they get here I need to whip up 5 pie crusts, make 2 cherry pies, get their guest suite and bathroom cleaned, and transform the entire kitchen and rest of the house to make it look like nine people do not live here.  How I am going to work all that in with three favorite tv shows on tonight will be a miracle.  Priorities I know.  I can only work on one addiction at a time; tv will have to wait in line.
Anyway, back to the crazy busy week.  We will all be attending the girls play, the church passion production, my 11 year olds State Bible Drill competition, 2 boys baseball games, and a visit to the new super-de-duper park.  I do not know if I will find a minute to do some escape blogging or not.
Oh and one more thing before I post my results.  All the children are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the grandparents from Illinois because they are bringing the famous GONDOLA.  Actually they will bring many many many GONDOLAS, and they will not last twenty-four hours.  They will be stuffed in baggies and hidden in the nooks and crannies of the fridges in hopes of safe guarding individual leftovers.  After reading the nutrition on my beloved GONDOLA, I hope I will stay strong and not indulge.  The calories are a little daunting at 643 calories for half of one, but the carbs got me at 83.  Oh the price to pay for that fiberless (okay it does have 1 gram) dense loaf of white sweetness.  Along with the sandwiches Grandma will bring Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips.  Of course these should not pass my lips either, but oh the memories they bring.  Many a teenage night I sat on the stairs in my bathrobe, eating straight out of the Kitchen Cooked bag, while talking to my mom.  They are the best, and they aren't sold in my neck of the woods.  The cookies and the brownies that Grandma brings will not be a problem, but I am really going to have to work up some determination for the gondola and chips.


Fasting Blood Sugar for 4/5/11 through 4/11/11
92  Sick the night before????

Morning Blood Pressure for 4/5/11 through 4/11/11
82/48  Sick the night before????

Dreaded Scale Numbers for 4/6/11 through 4/12/11
No scale at motel.
No scale at motel.
So a loss of minus 2 pounds for this week.  That is a total loss of 34 pounds since January 1, 2011.  I would have liked 3 or 4 a lot better of course.  I am just so ready to get all this weight off, that I hope the scale does not slow down every week.

Exercise for 4/5/11 through 4/11/11
Upper body workout and 3.1 miles at 46 minutes on the elliptical
Lower body workout and 3.1 miles at 46 minutes on the elliptical.
3.2 miles at 46 minutes on the elliptical.
Friday was my traveling day, and I was too sick to workout.
Hotel: 2,5 miles at 35 minutes on the elliptical and upper body workout.
Sunday traveling home day and workout rest.
Lower body workout and 2.8 miles at 40 minutes on the elliptical.

It was a good week.  Now I need to get busy for the arrival of these fun people!