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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shockingly Great News

Yesterday morning I ran into Kroger for a skinny minute and walked out over 45 minutes later.  That's not really that unusual, except this time I did not spend a penny.  That is a record.  Anyway, on my way in the door I saw a sign saying The Little Clinic inside was offering free Cholesterol screenings.  I have been wondering what my cholesterol numbers were doing since last October 2010 when the nurse at my gynecologist's office had called me with bad news.  She had informed me that my total cholesterol number was 278.
She was ready, pen in hand, to send off my cholesterol lowering medication prescription to my favorite pharmacy.

This was all confirmed (in case I thought that phone call was a bad dream) by the paper work above showing me the blood work results.  Circled just in case I missed it or something.  I told the nurse that I really wanted to try to lose some weight first before trying medication.  She told me to report back to her lab in three months.  Of course I started right away on revamping my eating habits right after that October call I entered the holiday season, and I didn't do anything different except put on ten more pounds.  I do not know why that number did not shake me into reality, but I just figured I could always start tomorrow.  Frankly, I really did not know if diet alone would move that number anyway.

So I was a little excited and nervous while I waited in the Kroger clinic.  I started to review everything I ate yesterday....2 eggs, a turkey with cheese sandwhich (picnic with the visiting grandparents), almonds, and an apple with organic peanut butter.  It seemed like a lot of fat and cholesterol.  I was really hoping my number had possibly moved down from 278 (39 points above borderline high) into the borderline area of 200-239.  The nurse came out with my results and ominously pointed at them with her pen.  Pointing can't be good right? So I took the paper cautiously and started jumping...literally hopping up and down.  I nearly hugged the nurse, and told her she had made my day.  MY SHOCKINGLY GOOD RESULTS: TOTAL CHOLESTEROL 184!!!!!!!   184!!!!  184!!!!
Really a 94 point drop and way below 200.  I was praising the Lord and just shocked.
My scale is moving slower than I want it too, and I am Miss Impatient, but there are so many rewards on this healthy journey besides the scale going down!!


Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

congrats! that's amazing, so happy for you :)

BrendaKaye said...

Thank you Alexia! It is so encouraging to have you comment!