Everything's Bouquet

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Apple or Pear

What shape are you?  I am such an apple.  Apple, apple, apple.  I feel like my stomach is never going to go away, and my legs do not look like they go with my body.  Frankly I feel a little sorry for them having to tote around this apple all day long.  One thing I have never thought about until today is the faces of apples and pears.  My face gains weight big time when I pack on the pounds.  I began thinking of some of my overweight pear friends wondering if their faces balloon out as much as mine does.  Really when I get to my regular weight, my face will look like a different person.  Of course I am dreaming that it will look like a twenty year old person but realism is not my strong suit.  Any of you apples or pears want to comment on whether your face changes much when you gain weight?

News flash: I just checked with the indisputable Wikipedia site and found out there are four female body shapes: Apple, Banana, Pear, Hourglass.  Okay, if I were taking a standardized test I think I could pick out which item does not belong in that list.  Really? I can hear the ladies at the gym...Oh I'm an apple. Honey I'm a pear. Well sweet darling I love being a banana. Not me losers....I'm a an HOURGLASS.   Really? We have three fruits and an HOURGLASS??? I am showing my lack of knowledge here, but I had no idea there even was a banana.  Sorry banana and HOURGLASS for not including your photos in the top; I'll make it up to you at the end.  According to the Wikipedia page only the apple and the banana shapes tend to put weight on in the face.  I would love to hear what your shape is, and if you gain weight in the face.

I am off to take my apple to the kitchen to see how the game of Apples to Apples is going.

Just to be fair; I do not want to leave out you hourglasses and bananas.  In all seriousness, I am very thankful for healthy bodies and the variety of shapes that God gave all of us!