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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Ducks Think Our Backyard Is Their New Lake

It is really raining here, and thank goodness tonight is supposed to be the last night.  We are fine thanks to my hubby who is monitoring water pumps around our yard.  The large church near us that opened its doors for an official emergency evacuation shelter was full with 180 people staying there this morning.

We had a busy weekend with rain and tornado sirens which are becoming par for the course, but the sky actually parted and let out enough sun to enjoy a little baseball on Saturday.  While my hubby coached my six year old, I watched my Peter Sweeter.

Above is the final huddle.  The very short number 3 would be my Aidan who freshly arrived after his game just in time to crash the after game snack.

Sunday evening, after an afternoon of more tornado sirens, we enjoyed Peter's fourth and fifth grade choir production.  It was really amazing, and Peter was the best swordsman ever.

We all enjoyed a packed fellowship with free corndogs and ice cream afterward.

Today I started off determined to conquer the sugar monster.  I made my sweetie a bowl of oatmeal with fruit and I had an egg with a mini whole wheat bagel.

I tried a little cream cheese experimenting.  I prefer skim milk, so I thought why wouldn't I like fat free cream cheese?  I don't know why, but I do not like fat free cream cheese.  I think I'd rather have nothing than have ffcc.  Maybe it works well in baking, but not alone.  Next up was the Nuefchatel.  I loved it.  It seemed smoother than regular cream cheese, and tasted great.

After a fantastic interval workout, lunch was healthy with a salad with carrots and an avocado and a lean hamburger on a light whole wheat bun.  HOWEVER, after my daughter ran out to her evening job and left me making her cakes for school tomorrow. I caved to the cake monster.  UGH!!! I nibbled lots of scraps etc.
I have a new little journal system that I am excited to try.  I do not want to mess it up, and I hope that will motivate me to stop this ridiculous sugar eating.

Behold my new system.

I love markers and colors and writing; just old fashioned writing.  It's the teacher in me.  After decorating my little teacher planner all up I showed it to my hubby.  He quickly informed me that they make all sorts of journals like this online, that will do this much easier for me.  I know they do, and I might partake in them someday in my future.  There is just something cathartic for me in physically writing and recording my progress. I like to hold my results in my hands and review them whenever I like without the need for my computer.  I am recording my food on this journal.  That is new for me, but I think in light of this recent loss of my mental dieting faculties, it is necessary. I am looking forward to being able to see the entire weeks progress on two open pages.

So tomorrow I have before me 7 blank days to fill however I choose.  I hope I choose wisely and make good decisions.  I am going to try!  Tomorrow I will be back blogging from my lake house (ha) with my Tuesday update, which will not be any prettier than the end of April update.


Quietly Into the Night said...

Your blog is so pretty and floral. It's so hard eliminating things from your diet you enjoy. I am having a heck of a time with creamer!! I've been experimenting with flavored Stevia and flavored soy creamer, even coconut milk creamer. Nothing is really giving me what I want. Plus I really hate "ALL" sugar substitutes.

BrendaKaye said...

Oh I agree; not only do I dislike sugar substitutes, but I am allergic to them. I break out in a rash that itches like crazy. I saw you are doing the hcg diet. I had a friend lose a lot of weight on that; she loved it!