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Friday, May 20, 2011

Do We Have to be HUNGRY to Lose Weight?

The television advertising payed off as usual.  My two youngest boys begged us for two weeks to go to the nearby May fair, and we succumbed.  We loaded up our bottom three children and enjoyed a night full of somewhat lame rides, monkeys riding dogs in the Banana Derby, gigantic camels, and the ever present smells of fried carnival food.
While I walked around for several hours taking pictures of my monkeys in a barrel...and they were preforming their monkey tricks like hiding while I tried to get the picture....,

my youngest partaking in his first driver's ed lesson,

or his train engineering lesson,

I began to get HUNGRY.  The nasty carnival smells were everywhere.  For a while I was actually to busy running after my fast as lightening children and snapping some more of these pictures below to worry about that HUNGER.

That last picture reminds me of why I love it that my fair job is photo support.  I don't miss the days of peer pressure and rides that made my stomach do flips.  I know some of you like my brother and sister-in-law beg your children to ride with you, but I like my feet flat on the ground and my stomach appreciates me for that.

Anyway, I was HUNGRY.  Nothing I saw walking by me looked even enticing except for maybe the gigantic mound of fried in oil potato chips.  Oh I do love a potato anyway everyday....fried, mashed, baked, chipped.  That is why I slightly resemble Mrs. Potato Head...especially from the profile.   I was HUNGRY; hadn't had a bite since lunch around two'o clock.  My mind started to try a few of those mind games on me like..."go ahead....just today....one fair event won't matter...".  I kept putting off those ideas and finally the night came to an end.

We had a little bit of a drive home, and stopped for some fast food for the HUNGRY family to eat in the car.
There were some healthy options, and like I said I was HUNGRY.  I opted out though because it was almost nine o'clock, and I so wanted to see a good result on the dreaded scale in the morning.  I was HUNGRY for my scale number to go down more than I was HUNGRY for food.

 I am HUNGRY for the weight to come off.
I am HUNGRY to wear cute clothes in smaller sizes.
I am HUNGRY to feel more energetic and full of life.
I am HUNGRY to be a good example for my family, and make them proud.
I am HUNGRY to walk in success instead of daily defeat.
I am HUNGRY to hold my head high in public instead of shamefully worrying about my weight.
I am HUNGRY to strengthen my physical, mental, and spiritual muscles.
I am HUNGRY to lower my cholesterol levels.
I am HUNGRY to win this battle and live normally.
I am HUNGRY for victory!!!

I have real stomach HUNGER sometimes, and I do think living with that is part of this process.  I am trying to turn those hunger pains into notices that remind me what I am truly hungry for.  They remind me that my losing weight process is working, and what it is working toward.  When I am HUNGRY I want to yell," YES, I AM HUNGRY, AND I AM HUNGRY FOR ____________________!"

I woke up this morning and I stepped on the scale hoping for those good results I dreamed of last night.  Well, as the dreaded scale can be, I was only down 1/2 a pound.  Yep, minus 0.5.  I wasn't discouraged at all though, because I was empowered by right choices and victory the day before.  I went to bed last night peacefully in success and woke up still confirmed in that reality.  Even the dreaded scale could not take that wonderful feeling away.

How about you? Are you hungry, and what are you hungry for?