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Friday, May 6, 2011

The ZONE...It's Coming Back to Me

Oh how I missed staying on plan and ending days in victory.  It is really so much more satisfying than any dopamine or serotonin induced sugar high can ever be.  I guess because not only do I feel so much better physically, but I also feel much better emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I was getting discouraged these last few days wondering if I was going to be able to get back to consistently healthy eating.  I am so encouraged today because today was my first full day of exercising, and eating on plan and actually liking it.  It is a little early yet to say I am in safe zone-like territory, but today made me feel so good that I hope it inspires me to keep going!

What is on your Mother's Day list?  Do you have one for you or a special mother in your life?  It is scary how I have linked every tradition, including Mother's Day, to food.  Usually we have a special meal.  We grill steak or we take home Kentucky Fried Chicken and the fix'ins.  I know, those two lunches are worlds apart!  Dessert for the last many Mother's Day celebrations was a big old tub of Baskin Robbin's Pralines 'n Cream ice cream.  I worked at that store all through high school and summers home from college, so it is my favorite ice cream.  We actually hardly ever go there, thus why it was special once a year.  If there was any candy amongst my Mother's Day surprises, it was usually Ghirardelli  assortments.  I love Ghirardelli square, and San Francisco.

Well this year I said PLEASE NO FOOD RELATED GIFTS OR CELEBRATIONS.  I had debated last week if I could handle the usual dessert and lunch.  I started telling myself it is just one day, but today I know in my heart that it is not really just one day.  I am just now  recovering from the "one day" of Easter, and if I indulge in sugar this soon it my derail me another week, or two, or three, or permanently stop me in my tracks.  For the last six years one holiday seemed to stretch into another.  I  never ate consistently healthy because I was always partying with food.  I need my healthy eating to be a lifestyle.  I need to learn to celebrate life and good times without sugar.

So what is on my list?  Spending time with my wonderful family, resting and relaxing, hopefully a day off from driving duty, ha, and maybe a request for a manicure gift card, and possibly a big hint for  this too cute duffel bag in Folkloric that goes with my daughter's college colors.  A mom's gotta fit in when she visits!

I am learning tons from this library book I mentioned last time.

He is really inspiring me to fuel my body with plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables.  I am trying to sneak them in whenever I can.  Today I added spinach and avocado to our smoothie.  It made the prettiest picture before and after.  All the colors were so lovely.

I loved that swirl it made on its own.  We could not even taste the spinach, and the avocado gave the smoothie a very thick and creamy consistency. Yum.  I am making this again tomorrow!

Tonight for dinner I was so looking forward to this deliciousness I discovered at Costco.

Sabra Spinach and Artichoke Hummus.  It is so good,  I really like it with carrots and broccoli. Alas, when I went to pull out the container my healthy and very skinny Junior had eaten almost all of it. Although I wish she had left her mama a little more than a teaspoonful, I am tickled that she enjoys eating vegetables and hummus.
So below was dinner. That tiny green dab by the carrots was my yummy hummus.

After dinner I ate something I have not eaten in a while.  Before my time off from healthy eating, I was leaning toward clean eating with a lower carb/ lower Glycemic Index bent.  Well the brain doctor says that this type of eating is bad for my brain type.  For instance, I am a compulsive and emotional overeater.  My brain affected areas that need help are the anterior cingulate gyrus and the deep limbic system. Those are big words,, but the first one means I am too focused ( I can get stuck on negative thoughts or stuck on thoughts about food etc),  and the second one is my emotions (depression).  He says high protein diets help people focus.  Some of the brain types need that, but I do not.  I need more serotonin to calm my brain, make me happier, and help me stop focusing on unhealthy food.  In his book on page 108 he lists several foods that help raise serotonin levels.  One of them is what I had for dessert after dinner.

Here I am with my banana and my monkey begging for a bite.  See, healthy eating is catching around here!
Actually, I have always loved bananas; I guess my body knew what was best!  Dr. Amen is all about no refined sugar, and very clean healthy food aiming toward the lower Glycemic Index, so I believe him when he says I can have a banana.  I don't want to drive myself and my brain crazy on this journey.  I want this to all be a permanent change that my body is happily healthy with.  And that banana was really good; I am still smiling about it.  Oh, and the monkey in the glasses ate two bananas; at least I am inspiring someone!!