Everything's Bouquet

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Just a quick post to say I hit the vegetable and fruit jackpot today.  I had at least 10 servings.  Here's the lowdown.

Breakfast smoothie had 3 with the berries, spinach, and avocado.

Lunch had at least 4.  Thank you Mr. Handsome for bringing home more hummus!

Dinner had 3.  Not pictured is the entire plate of Roma tomatoes I finished off myself.  That had to be at least two servings alone. Above is my  yummy salmon burger I had instead of the hamburgers everyone else ate. I used to think it would be difficult to work in five or more veggie/fruit servings a day.  I must confess some of my children do not work in five servings a day.  My goal this year is to change that big time.  After all those brain supporting veggies I felt so good after dinner that I took a thirty minute walk.  Now its time to kiss the munchkin goodnight.  He's shop vacuuming my bathroom as I type.  We have this arrangement: I cut his hair and he begs (literally) to shopvac the hairs off the floor.  I think it's a pretty good deal if it doesn't kill his and my ear drums.  I just caught him shopvaccing his toes; I think it's time for a bedtime intervention.

Nothing like a little man with a fresh haircut.


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Great job on all the veggies! He's so cute with his haircut. Two of my boys are in line for one today or tomorrow. I always put it off because I don't like to do it - but then they look so much better!

Happy Mother's Day

BrendaKaye said...

Diane I always put if off too long also. In the summer my 11 year old begs for his annual buzz cut, and I love that because it takes forever to grow out! Happy Mother's Day!!