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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday's Short and Not So Sweet Update

Looking at our school calendar above I realize that three not so superior dieting days DOES NOT make for an entire month of diet failure.  I have a lot more softballs to add to this month, and they had all better be winners.  I still seem to be stuck in the trying but not succeeding mode.  Today I did well until I had a few tasters at Costco that somehow made me believe I should therefore end dinner tonight with cake and ice cream.  Well, the cake is gone now, and so are my sugar indulgences.  When I am struggling I just cannot have desserts around.  When I am in the zone (and oh zone I miss you), I can keep anything in the house.

I am reading/skimming this seven day library book right now.  I love it.  It is full of so many interesting facts about the brain.  Like the more overweight you are the smaller your brain is.  It is all about thinking correctly to eat correctly, and I know I need that information.  I wish I could get him to examine my brain and see what in the world is going on in there!

Okay, below are my non-stellar results.  As you will see my poor eating is affecting everything.  My blood sugar numbers are awful.  At least this week I did not gain any pounds, but I did lose in the area of health.  My numbers got worse and that is a big loss.  I will do better this week; I have to for my health, sanity, and family.


Fasting Blood Sugar for 4/26/11 through 5/2/11

Morning Blood Pressure for 4/26/11 through 5/2/11

Dreaded Scale Numbers for 4/27 through 5/3/11

I did gain and I did lose to bring me back to a net of zero.  So I am still at minus 34 pounds.

Exercise for 4/2611 through 5/2/11
3.4 miles at 46 min. on the elliptical and lower body workout
3.3 miles at 46 min. on the elliptical
4.0 miles at 53.35 min walking outside and upper body workout
Friday none
Saturday after dinner stroll of 1.6 miles at 28 minutes/ not really a workout
Sunday rest
3.7 miles at 46 min. on the elliptical and lower body workout.  I did the interval training on the elliptical, and I really like it.  It seems to break up the minutes making them go faster, and it gives me a faster and better workout.

Okay, since today wasn't anything to blog home about, I still have six more days to hit it out of the park.  I hope I have a better update next week!  It is almost eight and I have had one of those days where the workout has not happened yet, so I had better step away from the computer and onto the elliptical!


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Don't count this week as a fail. You maintained, and you probably learned a lot. Those two, in combination can help you go further and get to your goal. If you were perfect all the time - you wouldn't be normal!

BrendaKaye said...

You are always so encouraging and correct Diane!! Thank you! You are so right, I think I probably did learn something...I feel like I just have sooo much learning and figuring out to go yet on this journey!