Everything's Bouquet

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day, and what a fun one it has been!  My eleven year old presented me with this pretty paper weight today and said,"It is a MIRACLE that I have you."  Is that not sweet or what?  He actually took his own money to church and shopped at the church bookstore.  He also got the necklace below.  He is gonna make some girl very happy someday, that one.

The day was full of other fun and thoughtful surprises.  When I walked in after church, one of my daughters (that had arrived home before me) had cleaned the entire downstairs.  I was thrilled.  Another painted this  beautiful canvas for me.  I was amazed and loved the message she wrote.

My youngest daughter surprised me with these flowers at church, and presented this gorgeous flower drawing to me at home.

My youngest, Mr. Shop Vac Lover presented me with cards early this morning and could not wait to show me his spotlessly cleaned room later today.

Mr Hubby spoiled me with these fun things below.  He must read my mind blog.

My long lost college girl sent me sweet messages and chatted with me on the phone.  Last but not least, my oldest arrived home hot and sweaty form his job at Lowes and presented me with this.  This is truly the gift that keeps on giving since he will be operating this for me all season!

He cannot believe I am snapping his picture in his hot and sweaty clothes (he works outside).  I am so thankful and blessed!  Lots of fun, fellowship, hugs, and gifts.  I love mothering....it is the best!


skinnyhollie said...

Looks like Mother's day was a blast. Mine was, too!

You won the cookbook giveaway on my blog. Come see me!


BrendaKaye said...

Yay!! Thank you Hollie!!!