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Friday, May 13, 2011

Tuesday Update On Friday

I love my new record keeping/journaling method using a lesson planner.  I can look straight across in each category and compare all of the data.  Data....sounds so scientific and important.  I find I am not really needing two boxes for exercise, so next week I may use the bottom for mental/emotional notes; like how my hormones made me feel like hugging the entire world, or how those hormones turned me into the fire breathing dragon, or how those versatile hormones gave me the munchies that drove me insane.

I was hoping to update my progress on Wednesday, but our overnight trip to pick up our college freshman turned into two nights.  It's a really good thing my husband was with me because as we were close to our destination, he asked me what that sound was.  I of course did not hear a sound.  What sound?  That sound? What sound?  Finally, I said, "You mean that little ticking that sounds like the spinner on the Life game?"  Yes  he said, and informed me it was a very bad sound.  It certainly didn't sound bad to my non-mechanical brain. If it's not screeching, than surely it's not in need of immediate attention, is my theory that applies to all things mechanical including the vacuum.  Well, over 24 hours later, one new oil pump, and a shockingly large bill, we raced out of the repair shop to finally empty our daughter's dorm room, debunk her bed, and pack up the vehicle.  I am so glad he was with me, because as I am now so well informed, when the oil pumps go out the entire engine is ruined beyond repair if the non-mechanical lady (ME) continues to drive it.  Now that I think of it, that repair bill was a lot cheaper than a brand new shiny suburban!

Minus the obvious inconveniences, it was fun hanging out with our daughter.  We took her and her new fellow out to dinner. My hubby ordered the turkey barbecue nachos, I had the turkey salad, and tried to sneak in a picture of the newly dating couple much to my daughters horror.

The next day we couldn't empty her dorm without the suburban to pack it all in, so we suffered and went to my favorite place.  Love the entire square and the Tomato Head.  We even enjoyed an afternoon movie after that.

After all of the packing, moving, and cleaning I let myself enjoy a little  of this again.  Probably not a wise idea, but I seem to be staying on plan now that I'm back at home...thank goodness.

So I did not update on Thursday because blogger was down, bringing me to my Tuesday update on Friday.  I am planning to be back to Tuesdays next week.


Fasting Blood Sugar for 5/3/11 through 5/9/11
109  cake the night before

Morning Blood Pressure for 5/3/11 through 5/9/11

Dreaded Scale Numbers for 5/4/11 through 5/10/11
Tuesday morning/no scale at motel.

So a total of minus 3 pounds bringing my total loss to minus 37 pounds.  I still have one more pound to lose to get to where I was before Easter.  I really need to lose at least 30 more pounds, so I need to get busy!

Exercise for 5/3/11 through 5/9/11
3.8 miles/ 46 minutes elliptical
3.2 miles/ 39.32 minutes outside walking
3.7 miles/ 46 minutes elliptical/ upper body workout
3.6 miles/ 46 minutes elliptical/ lower body workout
3.7/ 46 minutes elliptical/ upper body workout
Sunday rest day/ 1.6 mile walk after dinner
Monday travel day no workout

We are home, all the birds are in the nest for the summer, and hopefully I will stay on plan and kick this weight loss into high gear!