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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Update on TUESDAY

This weekend my hubby and I enjoyed some berries and cream for two.  Some of my kiddoes indulged also, but I won't even go into their picky requests......no blueberries please, just the red ones mom with the blueberries, all with cream, just a little cream, no cream,  please just cream on top, and the winner...please just cream.  That last one is a small clone of mine.  My hubby and I aren't picky thank goodness; just give us all the berries we can have swimming in all the cream we are allowed and an extra squirt.  The berries didn't last long sadly, but the cream is still taunting me from the fridge.  I can't hear you cream, I can't hear you.

I'm trying to enjoy the weight loss journey so I don't drive myself crazy. I don't want to make it to my goal some day only to be so frustrated about the process that I return to overeating and watch those numbers fly right back up the scale. Been there; done that.  After reading some of Dr. Daniel G. Amen's book about healthy brains, I am now incorporating his advice for my brain type to eat foods that produce serotonin.  Serotonin is not in food, but certain foods cause the brain to produce serotonin (if I understand this correctly).  Some of the foods he recommends that do this are: bananas, cottage cheese, brown rice, herbal teas, mackerel, salmon, sunflower seeds, swiss cheese, and turkey.  It may be my overactive imagination, but I already feel a little calmer and more satisfied.

One thing I am doing it adding cottage cheese to our berry smoothies.  I was  trying to get some protein into my hubby's smoothie.  We actually really like the cottage cheese.  It gives the smoothie such a thick creamy texture making it almost like a milkshake.  I still like my brown rice protein, but now we have another protein option.  Below are our berry smoothies which contain the following ingredients: 2 cups berries, 1 1/2 cups sugar free coconut milk, 1/2 avocado, spinach, 1/2 cup ice, 1 teaspoon agave, 1 cup fat free cottage cheese, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 4 teaspoons Benefiber. Those ingredients make 2 smoothies.

WEEK 14 RESULTS--Have mercy; I did travel this week!

Fasting Blood Sugar For 5/10/11 through 5/16/11

Morning Blood Pressure for 5/10/11 through 5/16/11

Dreaded Scale Numbers for 5/11/11 through 5/17/11
No scale at motel.
So a total loss of -1 1/2 pounds this week bringing my total loss to 38 1/2 pounds.  I am getting close to 40 and when I get to 41 I will be halfway.  I am not happy with my blood sugar and pressure numbers.  It seems like I almost have to eat way under my calorie allotment to keep them low.  I am going to have to figure out this area.

Exercise for 5/10/11 through 5/16/11
Hotel Dreadmill 2.1 miles/ 30.20 min/ lower body workout
No exercise/ traveling
4 miles/ 49.55 min. outside interval walking/ upper body workout
3.2 miles/ 39.10 min. outside interval walking/ lower body workout
4.0 miles/ 49.58 min. outside interval walking/ upper body workout
Rest day.
4.0 miles/ 46 min elliptical/ lower body workout

I really do like the interval cardio workouts.  They are slowly making me faster and stronger.  Today I had a little workout buddy for my weight training time.  This child NEVER stops talking, and I love it that today we spent time chatting and exercising together.  Below is a copy of this weeks healthy living record book.  I still really like seeing the whole week at a glance together.


donnamacd said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Thanks!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Great job on the weight loss. Getting to the halfway mark is huge!

BrendaKaye said...

Thank you Donna and Diane! One more pound until halfway. I so want to make it to my goal and stay there! Writing this blog and being accountable to others is really helping!